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October 4, 2021

Experience Tennessee Visitor's Guide: "Thursday night Devin Hale took the stage at Common John for a solo set with so much charisma it filled the stage as if he'd brought his whole band and the magic of the weekend was under way."

Full article available here, page 19.

Americana Highways: "(Devin) told me in a conversation I had with him on Friday, that he is recording his debut album in January. After seeing him perform, I am anxiously awaiting it."

Full article available here.

I've Been Thinking Podcast: "Devin Hale, on being a professional musician."

Full episode available here

Greater Ashland Beacon: "To Texas and back, Ashland native Devin Hale is rising up in the country music scene."

Full article available here.

The Daily Independent: "Quite a Production: Hale brings band to Paramount." 

Full article available here.

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